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Vinyl Kings

Big New Life

A Palindrome of Love

By Dale McCurry
May 3, 2024

There are good bands and there are good people. Sometimes we get both. ~ Dale McCurry

The Vinyl Kings are such a band, as evidenced by both the artistry and message of their third and, perhaps, final album, Big New Life.

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Fall Into the Vinyl Kings

Vinyl Kings

"We Are All One"

From their new project, Big New Life

By Dale McCurry
April 5, 2024

And in the end, the Vinyl Kings once again draw on the power of poetry combined with a commitment to social commentary and moral compass prevalent in the music of their youth. ~ Dale McCurry

"We Are All One" is the final release from the Vinyl Kings' year-long project, Big New Life.

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Fall Into the Vinyl Kings

Vinyl Kings

"Long Way Down"

From their new project, Big New Life

By Dale McCurry
October 7, 2023

The orchestration, harmonies, the lyrics and delivery of "Long Way Down'' are powerful and right on. ~ Dale McCurry

"Long Way Down" is the sixth from the Vinyl Kings' new project, Big New Life, a series of singles unfolding throughout 2023.

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Fall Into the Vinyl Kings

Vinyl Kings

"Big New Life"

From their new project, Big New Life

By Dale McCurry
March 24, 2023

"Big New Life" is a Wilburys-esque ensemble composition and delivery. ~ Dale McCurry

"Big New Life" is the second from the Vinyl Kings' new project, Big New Life, a series of singles unfolding throughout 2023.

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Vinyl Kings | Big New Life

Vinyl Kings

"Smoke Rings for Renee"

From their new project, Big New Life

By Dale McCurry
January 29, 2023

The stimulus for "Smoke Rings for Renee" was the passing of bandmate Josh Leo's wife, Renee LaRose Leo, an artist and educator, who stepped off this mortal plane on January 29, 2021. ~ Jim Photoglo of the Vinyl Kings

"Smoke Rings for Renee" is the first from the Vinyl Kings' new project, Big New Life, a series of singles unfolding throughout 2023.

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Vinyl Kings | Big New Life

Chillemi | "Love is a Wire"

“My new single is a bridge between the debut album With Woman and my new record Vacant Cowboy ... With Woman was written when I was falling in love and Vacant Cowboy is the breakup album - 'Love Is A Wire' is the line right between.” ~CHILLEMI

CHILLEMI’s sophomore album Vacant Cowboy is out 2023 on Taxi Gauche Records.

For more about CHILLEMI and With Woman, check out our 20:20 with CHILLEMI

CHILLEMI | Love is a Wire

Connect with CHILLEMI on Bandcamp

Lauren Stovall and Pete Sharpe (The Railsplitters) | Staff Photo by Dale McCurry

"Sticks and Stones"

New music from

Lauren Stovall

I was house sitting back in 2019 for some friends who have a piano. I don't play the piano at all but sat down that day and pumped out three songs in about four hours. It was weird. 'Sticks and Stones' was one of those songs. 

It kept playing on a loop in my head, and I knew I wanted to turn it into something more poppy than my usual folky style. I had the idea of hiring a producer to turn it into just that. 

I started doing a little bit of research on different producers in the pop and electronica world, and I found Gabe Lehner (9 Theory) of LA. I love his style and have been a fan for a while. I got in touch with him, and he agreed to do the project with me. We went back and forth over email a few times, but it didn't take long before I felt he had captured exactly what I wanted. I love the ambient sounds he brought in as well as the dark, melodic vibe of the overall piece. 

I recorded all the lead and background vocals in the Boulder, Colorado, area at Eric Wiggs' studio, Vermillion Road Studio. 

It started as nothing more than an experiment and an art project. I have been sitting on the piece for a few years. I have now released 'Sticks and Stones' under my initials LAS, and it can be found on iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and many other internet outlets. ~ Lauren Stovall

Matt Hannah | "Searching for a Poet's Grave"

from album House of Illusion

Available Now

Matt Hannah | House of Illusion

Searching for a Poet's Grave

by Matt Hannah | House of Illusion

Steve Noonan | "Either Way"

from album Dreamland

Available Now

Steve Noonan | Dreamland
Anya Hinkle | Nightingale (соловейко) - Bootleg for Peace

Anya Hinkle

"Nightingale (соловейко) - Bootleg for Peace"

All Proceeds Benefit the Ukrainian Relief Project - Guardians of Hope

"'Nightingale' came to me all at once on the day after Putin invaded. I felt a sense of urgency to do something with it but I wasn't sure exactly what. The next day, a woman called Tatyana approached me at a show and told me that exactly four years before, on that very same day, she had come to hear me sing and immediately went to the hospital to give birth to her first child. Then, when she told me that she was Ukrainian, I felt like she was sent to be my compass, to guide me as to what to do with the song. She helped me understand the significance of the nightingale, "soloveiko," to the Ukrainian people, the hope it's song brings to their ears.

"I called the song a 'Bootleg For Peace' because I cut the track very quickly one afternoon in my home studio. Bridger Dunnagan mixed it the next day at Echo Mountain Recording Studio, and David Glasser mastered the track overnight so we could start sharing it and collecting donations to help Ukraine. I'm indebted to them for the time and effort they donated. We have already collected over $1000 in donations that have been matched by Barnhouse Kitchen, Tatyana's company. It's way more than I could ever have donated myself, and I'm so proud of my fans for getting behind this effort—100% of the proceeds are going to Guardians of Hope-Ukrainian Relief Project, an on-the-ground nonprofit bringing supplies back and forth across the Ukrainian border with Poland. All the information is at and thank you!" ~ Anya Hinkle

Sara Shiloh Rae & Bluebird Junction

"Paper Piano"

from new album

Sara Shiloh Rae & Bluebird Junction

available now

“Paper Piano was born in a funny way. Max [Hoetzel] casually told me this story, one morning, about his grandmother. Her biggest dream was to be a classical pianist, but her husband hated music. The only thing he permitted in the house was military marches. So his grandmother practiced silently, for sixty years, on a paper piano. The day he died, she went out and bought a baby grand. I thought that sounded like a classic country song, so we sat down and it kinda wrote itself. We feel so lucky to have Jake Workman on guitar from Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, as well as Alex Hargreaves on fiddle.” ~ Sara Shiloh Rae

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Surge and the Swell | "Gravity Boots"

from new album


available now

I originally thought “Gravity Boots” would be about accepting a new normal or adjusting to a loss, but as I wrote it, I realized I wasn’t personally there yet, and it was OK to have a song about the phase where pain and disorientation is still fresh, a recognition of the messiness of the healing process and that early helplessness. On the album, it’s followed by “Full in the Now,” two polar opposites but, ideally, complementary sentiments. ~ Aaron Cabbage, of Surge and the Swell

Surge and the Swell | Offering

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Mike Compton | "Orange Blossom Breakdown"

from new album

Rare & Fine: Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe

available March 4, 2022
Mike Compton on Rare & Fine: Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe:

“The late 70s found me living in Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by musicians who shared my obsession and who were collectors of Monroe's music long before I came on the scene. ... I began filling cassette tapes with everything I could find that related to early bluegrass. Before long, I had accumulated a couple of suitcases full of tapes of source material. ... When Bill Monroe passed in 1996, it took a while before it started to sink in that there would be no more tunes. The music in this project comes [from] material spanning most of Monroe's career. Some of it has been recorded on a couple projects by acquaintances and some on projects that were never released to the public. Some have never been recorded, ever.“

Mike Compton on "Orange Blossom Breakdown":

“An old friend ... sent me a tape [of] what sounds like a home recording off the radio. It was Bill Monroe on the Opry in the 1940s. ... I was drawn to it because I’ve never heard it before anywhere. I don’t think hardly anyone has. It’s a very unusual arrangement for Monroe, I’ve never heard him do anything quite like it. ... It had to be on this project.”

Orange Blossom Breakdown

by Mike Compton | Rare & Fine: Uncommon Tunes of Bill Monroe

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Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire

“Rhode Island Red”

from new album

Fresh Pickles

available February 4, 2022
Fresh Pickles highlights some of Chris Castino’s (The Big Wu) most beloved tunes arranged to manifest and honor his longtime affection for bluegrass music. With the help of many of Chris’s lifelong musical heroes, including Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Andy Hall, Peter Rowan, Keller Williams, Tim O’Brien, Nick Forster, Vince Herman, and album co-producer Adam Greuel, this record has a classic 70s and 80s alt-bluegrass sound, while never too far from the traditional bluegrass style that defines the genre.

“What turned out to be just something to occupy our time while we weren’t touring, became something outstanding. I am driven to make music that is lasting and accessible; but my personal style is a combination of sincerity and imagery … It brings me joy to hear how these songs in particular have been given new life.” ~Chris Castino

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And for more Chicken Wire Empire

Thomm Jutz & Tammy Rogers

"The Tree of Life" | Surely Will Be Singing

As songwriters, musicians, and friends, Thomm Jutz and Tammy Rogers explore the Appalachian sounds that inspire them on Surely Will Be Singing, their first-ever album together.

I’ve long been fascinated with the writing of Joseph Campbell. He talks about “the tree of life” as the mythological tree from which Adam and Eve ate. By doing so, the concept of duality entered the world. The cross Jesus died on is “the tree of life” through which non-duality, through the achievement of the full potential of humanity, was restored. The Buddha found enlightenment under “the tree of life.” They died to the world but awoke to the spirit. ~Thomm Jutz

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Hank Erwin | “Sally”

from his new album

The Copper Album

available October 22, 2021

This is my tribute to Porter and the Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes and their tour bus they named Sally Ride. I was almost on the tour that claimed the lives of Chris Porter and Mitchell Vandenburg. The song features Adam Nurre, the sole survivor of the accident, on drums and horn arrangements, as well as former Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes Shonna Tucker on bass and vocal harmonies, and Daniel Stoddard on pedal steel and organs. This song is my proudest accomplishment of my musical career. ~Hank Erwin

Hank Erwin | Photo by Jan A. Bruso
Hank Erwin | Photo by Jan A. Bruso

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Ben Balmer | "Evil Eyes"

from his new album

Honky-Tonk Macbeth

available October 15, 2021

"This is a song about the inescapable draw and charm of bad relationships, and how it takes bad, maybe even 'evil' relationships sometimes in order to know what a good one is. This song was recorded days before the historic freeze in Texas this past February—we cut the final take just a few hours before the power went out for a week." ~Ben Balmer

Ben Balmer | Photo by Tina Beigelbeck Photography
Ben Balmer | Photo by Tina Beigelbeck Photography

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Mike Donello & the New Essentials

The Premiere of "Greedy Vampires"

From the album Mike Donello & the New Essentials

October 15, 2021

“Greedy Vampires” at its core is about the greedy thoughts that everyone can have and how we try to get by and survive to seek generosity. ~Mike Donello & the New Essentials

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Mike Donello & The New Essentials | "Greedy Vampires"

Dan Friese | "The Middle"

from his new album

Somewhere Brighter

available October 1, 2021

“The Middle” isn’t a song about finding some magical compromise in the center of the political spectrum. It’s about maintaining healthy communication with people who disagree with you. When we section ourselves off into bubbles, it makes it easier for us to dehumanize people on the outside. Stereotypes go unchallenged, assumptions
become certainties, and neighbors become enemies. ...

The instrumental arrangement of this song is meant to reflect the chaotic nature of American discourse. ~Dan Friese

Somewhere Brighter | Album cover art by Megan Gray
Dan Friese | Somewhere Brighter | Album cover art by Megan Gray

Find more music from Dan Friese at

The Video Premiere of
Mackenzie Shivers'
"100 Miles"

From Mackenzie's
Rejection Letter

September 10, 2021

The images almost felt like a film reel, the theme of which could be summed up by the song’s refrain: 'What a mess we’ve made.'" ~Mackenzie Shivers

Mackenzie Shivers | Photo by Lissyelle Laricchia

Mackenzie Shivers | Photo by Lissyelle Laricchia

July 23, 2021

Cedar Hill | Tend to My Flowers

Cedar Hill | “Tend to My Flowers”

from their upcoming album New Chapter
Available Fall 2021 Mountain Fever Records

“Many families have experienced Alzheimer’s and dementia with aging loved ones. This sweet song is about a lady who is trapped by the disease, and the last verse will cause happy tears when she is finally set free and gets to go home.” ~ Patti LaFleur (bass player for Cedar Hill)

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Released July 23, 2021

Caitlin Jemma | “Color”

from her upcoming album True Meaning
Available September 17, 2021

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Released July 23, 2021

Ryan Curtis | “The Hide Away”

from his album Rust Belt Broken Heart
Available July 30, 2021

To learn more about Ryan, visit

Released July 16, 2021

Mike Donello | "Kayak in the Keys"

Mike Donello & the New Essentials

"Kayak in the Keys"

"I wrote the main riff to 'Kayak in the Keys' years ago plucking away at my ukulele on an actual kayak while drifting out to sea. The song has been with me quite awhile and I have played it in a number of live formats. I am really excited now more than ever to release this version as my new single with a full band sound." ~ Mike Donello

Kayak in the Keys

by Mike Donello & the New Essentials

To learn more about Mike, visit

June 25, 2021

Official Premiere

Jeremy James Meyer | “Test of Time”

from his new album

Alive & OK

In the spring of 2014 while working for Seattle’s Moisture Festival, I had the pleasure of watching Shannon Gray perform a piece to a song called “To Build A Home.” It was a beautiful interpretation of a very lyrical song the likes of which I had not seen. So when we were brainstorming video concepts for “Test Of Time,” I thought of her and reached out. What you see here is our collaboration in expression. Shot and edited by the lovely Sarah Kathryn Wainwright. ~ Jeremy James Meyer

Shannon Gray – dance & choreography
Sarah Kathryn Wainwright – video & edit

To learn more about Jeremy visit

Colin Clyne | “Within Hindsight”

Released June 25, 2021

Colin Clyne | Within Hindsight

When asked about the story behind the new single, Clyne had this to say, “… the song is a tale of loss, regret, and hindsight, be it in love, death, or a self-departure from who we felt we were. It is based around the symbol of public benches; more so than ever over the last year I’ve seen so many benches ablaze with flowers and messages to loved ones lost …”.

To learn more about Colin visit

David Franz | “My Greatest Enemy”

Released June 25, 2021

David Franz | "My Greatest Enemy"

Years of unlocking the creative genius of other artists as a co-writer, producer, and record label head has led to the evolution and development of David’s own artist persona for the very first time. “My Greatest Enemy” is David’s first single from his new album To the Unknown.

To learn more about David visit

The Premiere of David Starr's
"These Days"

From David's Touchstones Project

January 14, 2021

"For as long as I can remember, this Jackson Browne song has been part of my soundtrack. The plaintive lyrics, simple melody, and beautiful chord structure make it a great song to adopt and interpret. And the fact that the songwriter was only 16 when he wrote it makes it all the more poignant." ~David Starr

David Starr | These Days | Photo by Jeff Fasano

David Starr | These Days | Photo by Jeff Fasano

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