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NoteWorthy Music is a collaboration of two word nerds from the Ozarks. Each of us has a lifelong love affair with music. As writers, we are drawn to the song and deeply interested in the creation process. Our appreciation goes beyond this to gratitude and respect for all creators and enjoyers of music.

Based in Springfield, Missouri, NoteWorthy Music seeks to bring quality shows to the Ozarks through the Singer Songwriter Showcase Series. Additionally, our boutique agency offers services as booking agents, connecting local artists with venues in new markets, as well as creating mobile-friendly DPKs, press releases, and other promotional tools.

Contact NoteWorthy Music through either of the following:
Dale McCurry dale@noteworthymusic.org
Bambi Grinder bambi@noteworthymusic.org

Here’s what some of our guests have to say about us:

I’ve recently done an interview for a very cool online journal honoring music and the creative process called NoteWorthy Music. My 20:20 Q&A will be presented March 5th, but you should totally check them out now and often as they have a diverse group of artists and writers featured, like they just featured Jerry Douglas and it’s a great interview! ~ Missy Raines, Grammy Nominee and 9-time International Bluegrass Music Association Bass Player of the Year

These are the best interview questions I can remember answering in a very long time, thank you so much! ~ Susan Anders, singer-songwriter and vocal coach who recently released her fourth solo album, 13 Women

I really appreciate you taking the time to ask such thoughtful questions. ~ Dan Friese, Somewhere Brighter, released May 21, 2021

Dale McCurry

Dale McCurry,
co-founder of NoteWorthy Music and publisher and managing editor of
High Notes and The Wires and the Wood magazines, has been a published writer for more than 30 years. His work has appeared in more than 25 publications and he has served as editor of hundreds of issues of more than 15 newspapers, magazines and niche publications. McCurry is a native of the Ozarks and has two grown children and four grandchildren.

Dale McCurry dale@noteworthymusic.org

Bambi Grinder

Bambi Grinder
is a shaper of words. She has written novels and short fiction, which she prefers, generally in first person present tense. She cultivates love and happiness with her husband, home, cats and fish. Her yard is a plethora of wildflowers, fruit vines and trees, a sanctuary for pollinators, amphibians, birds, and all manner of wild creatures. As owner of NoteWorthy Music, this is her first foray into the digital landscape.

Bambi Grinder bambi@noteworthymusic.org

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NoteWorthy Music is a music journal and salon platform supporting the music industry and giving voice to a growing chorus of diverse artists. We are transgenre, embracing art without labels. We celebrate art and artists by honoring the genuine creation and spirit of all who create and by receiving all art with respect and kindness—and without prejudice.

The views and opinions expressed by our guests are theirs and do not necessarily reflect nor represent the views and opinions of NoteWorthy Music or its staff.

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