Published August 15, 2020

Part 3 in our series titled 20:20 20 questions, 20 answers.

In this edition, Tiffany Christopher—a solo musician from Denver, Colorado—tells us how to make electro-porch-twang music, describes working without the net of a set-list, and calls for a revolution against those who would terrorize, discriminate, and oppress. 

Grab a hold of something; it’s gonna be fun.


Tiffany Christopher | Photo by Geoff Duncan

Tiffany Christopher | Photo by Geoff Duncan | Photos courtesy of Tiffany Christopher

20:20 with Tiffany Christopher

NWM 1): What is a favorite cover you perform?
Tiffany: “His Master’s Voice,” Monsters of Folk.

NWM 2): Who might we be surprised to find on your playlist?
Tiffany: Lady Gaga.

NWM 3): Name an album or song you play on repeat.
Tiffany: “Raspberry Beret,” Prince.

NWM 4): Where were you and what were you doing when you realized COVID-19 had just changed your life as a performance artist?
Tiffany: Home. I was preparing for two months of touring. We lined up some awesome opening slots and momentum was growing.

NWM 5): If you could see anyone from throughout history perform who would it be?
Tiffany: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Led Zeppelin, The Doors.

NWM 6): Favorite Beatle?
Tiffany: John.

NWM 7): Has anything positive come out of the covid shut-down?
Tiffany: New songs, sounds. I’ve been playing and writing a ton on my piano, as well as learning how to use Ableton Live and the Push 2 (audio controller instrument). It’s evolving my sound into something much bigger. Electro-porch-twang here we come!

Electro-porch-twang here we come!

NWM 8): Name three things that make you smile.
Tiffany: My dog after she gets a bath; she rips around the yard full throttle. When I take off on my motorcycle for the first time in a few days. Good food and company.

Tiffany Christopher

NWM 9): Bonnie Raitt or Bonnie Paine?
Tiffany: Unfair! I refuse to answer this trick question. Both. Together. … Rockin’ out. Yesss!

NWM 10): What’s a favorite Tiffany Christopher song?
Tiffany: Who dat? I love “The Joneses” off of my album, Tremendous Heart. I wrote it for the working class of America. Telling them I see them. I am them. We are keeping the boat afloat.

NWM 11): Who’s a favorite songwriter?
Tiffany: Nathaniel Rateliffe, Amy Ray.

NWM 12): What not-so-obvious aspect of your life has been changed by the pandemic?
Tiffany: My ability to relax and do nothing has improved. I find myself less goal oriented and more focused on connecting with others.

NWM 13): Favorite movie?
Tiffany: This is impossible. The Big Lebowski, Avatar, right at this very moment: Rocketman.

NWM 14): Prince or Bowie?
Tiffany: Prince. I love them both, however, Prince has always blown me away.

NWM 15): Pre-pandemic, you played a lot of high energy solo gigs. Not everyone can pull that off and make it work. How do you?
Tiffany: To tell you the truth I’m not sure anymore. 🙂 I play originals I care about. They give me a platform to express my feelings in real time with the audience. I play what feels right in the moment, no set list, and try to relax into moving my body as an extension of the music. Also, adding a Multi-Instruments [a software looping tool for adding layers of instruments played by a single player to build a song] sometimes makes the sound beefier, which aids in me getting down diggiddy.

I play what feels right in the moment, no set list, and try to relax into moving my body as an extension of the music.

NWM 16): What is the best piece of advice you have ever received that you actually follow?
Tiffany: Measure twice, cut once.’ Or ‘Don’t force it, you’ll break it.’

NWM 17): What was your most memorable performance and/or venue?
Tiffany: Still to come I hope! WinterWonderGrass with all the WinterWonderWomen 2019 and 2020.

Tiffany Christopher at Tucson Folk Fest
NWM 18): How do you express your creativity other than through music?
Tiffany: I enjoy G-force. Whether it be my motorcycle, snowboard, or running trails with my pup. Also, I dabble in photography, cinematography & video editing. Capturing light as they say. 🙂

I love food, wellness, yoga/tai chi. I also work on my motorcycle and do car mait on my SUV and other friend’s vehicles. There is an art to all of it. 🙂 My greatest passion lies in reclaiming and repairing. … One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

NWM 19): Favorite book?
Tiffany: Unfair! So many for different reasons. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, His Dark Materials.

NWM 20): What is one thing you would want our readers to know about which we might not know to ask?

It is going to take a lot of willingness to evolve in the coming years.

Tiffany: It is going to take a lot of willingness to evolve in the coming years. I hope we can let go of hatred and learn to live in harmony. The only way is with courage and sacrifice. We must stand up for those who have been terrorized, discriminated against, and oppressed. Unification is the only path to freedom. It’s time for a revolution. And even though the music business is facing huge HUGE setbacks, remember we always have rhythm, songs, and instruments to bring us together. 

See you around the fire.

The title cut from Tiffany’s 2017 album, Tremendous Heart:

Tiffany Christopher

Tiffany Christopher

Photo by Paul Erin Neff

Tiffany Christopher has been electrifying stages around the country and inspiring audiences for more than a decade. Stages lit up include: Arise Music Festival, WinterWonderGrass, Tucson Folk Festival, NAMM [National Association of Music Merchants], Campout For The Cause, Waarusa, Hotel Cafe in LA, Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri, and many more. With notes of early Jagger and the roots of Brandi Carlile, TC's energy takes her audience to a place that's edgy, hilarious, and just plain mind-blowing.

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